Disable auto save in PHPStorm

Here is the only way to disable autosave in PHPStorm (by default, this IDE autosave your files, you don’t have to worry about it).

settings / General / confirm application exit : checked
settings / General / confirm application exit : save file on frame deactivation : unchecked
settings / General / confirm application exit : save files automatically : unchecked
settings / Editor / Editor tabs / mark modified tabs with asterisk : checked

13 thoughts on “Disable auto save in PHPStorm

  1. That is not disable Auto Save function. No way to do that, it is te core function of PHPStorm. But you can revert what you type by “Local History” in CVS menu

  2. It works strangely.
    If you:
    make a file change
    close the file without saving it
    and reopen the file,
    then the change will still be there.

    However if you open the file with notepad, you will see that the change was Not saved. So it is not saving, but still showing. So now you have no idea what’s in the file.

  3. Same here like sdfor, with PHPStorm7:
    He don’t save the files, until leaving the IDE. Then, just before the prompt for cancel pops up, the files are saved.

    Too sad, in this way it’s not usable for me…
    Thanks anyway

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  5. Thank you,Nicolas! It’s very useful.
    But, do you know, how to make PHPStorm pop up a dialog box, if the file was modified? (now just closing it without changes)
    and also on closing PHPStorm pop up a dialog box on each file that was modified (whether save it or not)?(now just exiting with applying all the changes)
    (like in notepad++)
    Thank you, man!

  6. What is worse, phpStorm auto saves the open files when applying any change (hit OK) in the Settings dialog, and no way to turn this off.
    I almost got used to other kinds of autosavings (turned off whatever I could), found few workarounds for closing files, but this darn autosaving on applying settings is the real thing that I can’t live with. Too many situations like this to watch out for. It is beyond me why they resist to add such a small feature that every other IDE or program in this world has from day 1 since mainfraim computing came out a century ago!

  7. I think this function in phpStorm is a bad thing, hoping they will remove auto save, at least like notepad ++

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