Dirt cheap DIY Smartphone Bike Mount

I use my bike quite a lot to commute in the city.

And, sometimes, to find the good street (believe me, in France, it’s not that easy) with the GPS while riding is tricky.

So I’ve been looking on the Internet to find THE good smartphone holder: unfortunately they are either bulky or expensive (and most of the time both)

Except this one: the Finn, a $9.95 silicone mount:

But buying things is not the hacker’s way.

So let’s take the design on Inkscape:

Download the pdf file here and print it on a A4 paper sheet without scaling.

Tape it with carpet double side tape on an old bike tube.

Cut the tube by cutting the paper pattern at the same time and remove the paper and tape.

Rub’it on your bike and let’s ride!

Important: the mount has to go on the back of the handle bar, as shown on the step 3.



12 thoughts on “Dirt cheap DIY Smartphone Bike Mount

  1. Very nice.
    I changed a little thing. To have a smoother cut I rounded the edges more. My first try was having tears after a few seconds of tension.
    Thank you

  2. I’m wondering if you are riding on a bumpy road like in the forest or countryside, would you risk the phone just popping out and smashing on the floor? I thought of also having it attached to the bike with some kind of string, maybe..

  3. Thank you so much!
    This is the quickest, cheapest most DIY solution I could find and it seems to work, too 😉
    Will take it for a test ride soon.

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