XCSoar: skyways map generation

XCSoar map, generated with skyways and SRTM dem 1

Why skyways on XCSoar?

Skyways are the most used route for cross country flight.

XCSoar is a tactical flight computer.

So having the most used routes on my flight computer makes sense when you need to know where to hop from a mountain to another.

Covered area

The current coverage is 5 15 47 43

Black and white optimised

Skyways are represented in gray level, only with contour (not filled) for eReader/eInk devices

Download map


Have fun!


XCSoar mapgen git

SRTM dem1 from viewfinderpanoramas

Skyways from thermal.kk7.ch


Custom map generation for XCSoar


9 thoughts on “XCSoar: skyways map generation

  1. Hello,

    I found on your website very usefull info. I’ve also use a kobo and I think the skyways will improve my flying. Can you sent me the map for portugal and spain or is a area to big? My atual map is a map that I download from xcsoar and is POR_HighRes.xcm.

    Pedro Reis

  2. Is it possible to make 1 big map set-up with skyways for belgium, france, west germany and the alps. Cause I have already tried to make one of my own and it woun’t work.


  3. great site! thanks.
    I am going to fly on Canarian Islands and was wondering if you could provide a map for XCSoar on KOBO?

  4. help plz
    can you be more specific on the tutorial because i am not able to understand it.
    plz email me: (edit)@telekom.com.al

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