SIP/VOIP/PHONE 2.0 providers reviewed

After one year, this SIP revolution is being more and more reliable, so I’ve been testing for you many phone providers:

  • (for frenchs only)
  • (UK only)

Call back service, provide your home/mobile number and your friend’s and will call both and connect them together.


Client for cellphone(3G,gprs,edge (java)), or web based to establish the call (not VOIP)
Does’nt need a computer/headset

Your number is displayed when you call


Need a phone/cellphone

Per minute call even if not terminated

Translation service, give you a landline phone number (in your country) for each of your friend abroad, and you pay (if terminated) about 0.12€/min to reach a cellphone abroad and 0.00€ if he/she hang of and call back the displayed number (local landline phone number in her/him country)


Doesnt need a computer (only to add your friend’s numbers, but can be done by sms)

Per minute call but only if not terminated

The number displayed on your friend’s phone will permanently reach you


You still pay a fee to reach this number from your mobile (subscription)

Not easy to understand

Not your number displayed when you call

Mix of Jajah and Sip provide, can either call back or use a Sip client.


Cheap, very cheap

Your number is displayed when you call


Need a computer or computer+phone, no cellphone client (java) (for frenchs only)

Sip provider, only for frenchs, belgians and swiss.


Free call to landline

Open protocol (SIP)

Incoming number


Not so good quality (UK only)

Sip for wifi roaming, only for UK.


Very cheap

Incoming number


Only for nokia Nseries phone

Only for UK

To sum up, I’m using more and more Rebtel to phone abroad and Jajah for local call since Jajah ask 0.35€ for a non terminated cellphone-cellphone call ( and append quite often….)

I didn’t talk about Skype as long it’s not free to landline and use a closed protocol

If you have any information about new and more efficient provider, leave a message, Thx.

5 thoughts on “SIP/VOIP/PHONE 2.0 providers reviewed

  1. So to resume, Is Rebtel the only one letting me place a mobile to mobile call on the go without being close to a Wi-Fi hotspot?

  2. Looks like you didnt mention jaxtr, which seems to have a lot of the pro’s without all the con’s. Jaxtr allows you to make free international calls, from your cell phone or landline, and you only need to be at the computer the first time you call someone. After that, you are given a local phone number (provided you are in one of the 50+ supported countries worldwide) and you can call your friend whereever, whenever. Reuters just did a piece on them, check it out:

  3. Judas: Nope, you can establish a call with Jajah by GPRS/3G/EDGE with 1ko connection or 1 SMS.

    Megan: I just try the Jaxtr service, it’s exactly like Rebtel but not as easy to use and your contacts need to be register for free call, will try and tell you if the call is unlimited also on mobile.

  4. So ok, I tried Jaxter, but its much harder to use, you need your friends to register, you have a public profile, and the call are not free between Jaxter members. But good idea to manage a public profile, for auction and also to publish online.

  5. I am on the road A LOT! so I am always on my cell phone calling friends, family, clients…The mobile VoIP 2.0 have been a saving grace!! I have tried them all – even those not on this list – in pursuit for the easiest and lowest rates. and the winner is REBTEL!!!

    Rebtel couldn’t be easier to use. Rebtel works on every handset and every network and requires no download. Simply create local numbers for your international contacts (online or via operator) save them in your phone once and from then on simply call from your landline or mobile phone address book as you would a normal number. Their rates are phenomenal – even FREE to your contact list!

    No downloads. Every network. Every handset. Easy.

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