Fix horizontal scrollbar in IE

How To Avoid Horizontal Scroll Bars in Internet Explorer 6

When you open a web page in your browser, the browser has a look at what is listed in that DTD file. Then, if there is some code found on your page that is not found in that list, most browsers will ignore it. However, Internet Explorer 6 behaves in a very special way: it shows a horizontal scroll bar.

Fortunately there are a few ways to avoid horizontal scroll bars in Internet Explorer 6:

  • Whenever you can, do not use deprecated code. Use CSS instead.
  • If you want to use deprecated and/or proprietary code, remove the link to the DTD file. But leave the DOCTYPE specification on your page:

    To remove the reference to the DTD file, do the following. Locate the following in your file.


    Remove the URL so that it appears as follows.


Doing this leaves Internet Explorer 6 content and you are happy that there are no ugly horizontal scroll bars.

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