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TIL that pressing F3 + B toggles white hit boxes around entities. : Minecraft

Sunday 2 December 2012 at 12:01

Ah tiens je ne connaissais pas toutes ces commandes de Minecraft. Je copie-colle ici:

   F3 + c = trigger manual crash (hold for min 6 secconds then release)
   F3 + s = reload sound engine
   F3 + t = refresh textures (might be handy for texturepack artists?)
   F3 + f = decrease render distance
   F3 + shift + f = increase render distance (might not work on mac)
   F3 + a = refresh world renderer (reload chunks)
   F3 + h = toggle advanced item tooltips (item ids and dammage values)
   F3 + b = toggle hitbox renderering
   F3 + p = toggle pause on lost focus
   F1 = toggle gui
   F2 = capture a screenshot
   F3 = show debug info
   shift + F3 = show debug info including the profiler
   F5 = toggle camera view
   F7 (hold) = move the 'display' logic to 'root' (that's all the sence I can make it)
   F8 = toggle smooth camera
   1 trough 9 = select inventory slot
   1 trough 9 = move trough the profiler (debug screen)
   0 = move up a level in the profiler (debug screen)
   esc = open game menu