Connecting Bluetooth device: Ubuntu

I own a “cheap-o-dongle-microtune” usb of course who look like that: (but with rubber tape around)

And a Nokia with the bluetooth feature.

First, plug the dongle…. easy and os-independant.

Add/remove > Bluetooth File Sharing or sudo apt-get install gnome-bluetooth obexserver bluez-utils bluez-passkey-gnome

And, OOOoooo, left clic to any file, send:


It’s working, with a nice GUI.

I’ve some troubles to send multiples files, so, I made this send-bluetooth.gz, extract to the ~/.gnome2/nautilus-script/ folder (left-click menu).

Now you can use your cellphone as a storage device.


And even download new wallpapers.


If you encounter strange problems, here is a complete How-to.

Once again, Ubuntu / Linu Rocks, since for the same dongle, used with Windows Xp, need some illegal/cracked Widecom/Microtune drivers.

(you can check once plugged, that it is detected with $ lsusb and you should have a line like:

Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0f4d:1000 Microtune, Inc. Bluetooth Dongle

I already imagine yours complains:”Yea but it’s only a one-way connectivity”

Actualy, no:

Send via bluetooth any file from your phone to your pc, and, a nice screen appear:


Here we go, enjoy.

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