Ubuntu-Ubuntu Single-Click (Reverse VNC throught Firewall/Router)(UPDATED)

VNC is a software to graphically remote computers, available for every OS.

Since I’m leading my familly/friends to the Open-source/Ubuntu way, They need support especially graphical (better that “heuuu the window on the top left…..”) And I cannot ask them: ” open a terminal, type sudo apt-get install x11vnc then enter” Coz I saw people typing “e-n-t-e-r”
For Windows-Ubuntu or Windows-Windows Ultra VNC Sigle-Click contain all the features.

Here is a small How-to made from differents part picked-up around Internet to make it working as the windows one (one click)
I assume you know more than the dude on the front of you, that mean you know that if you receive a connexion the the 5500 port, you will not forget to forward it on your router.
Your Computer:

sudo apt-get install vncviewer
vncviewer -listen

Make a file with in:

gksudo "apt-get install -q -y x11vnc"
x11vnc -connect_or_exit xx.xx.xx.xx -rfbport 0 -nopw

Where xx.xx.xx.xx is your IP address, the public one.
Save it as “Helpdesk-Linux” , set it executable and send it to your friend by email.

Your Friend’s Computer:

Start the script file and thats all.

You can alternatively install x11vnc and start the connexion with:

sudo apt-get install x11vnc
x11vnc -connect your.external.ip.address:5500

But the version is few releases late.


Tuto from ubuntuforum:


x11vnc webpage’s project:


How to for .deb from sources:


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu-Ubuntu Single-Click (Reverse VNC throught Firewall/Router)(UPDATED)

  1. i’m looking for a single click and install package for ubuntu. will your .deb package do the trick? i’m on windows and trying to troubleshoot a remote ubuntu system (for family of course).

    if the .deb file is easy enough, i can direct my family member to your page to dl and install

  2. I’ve updated this post, just save the bash file and send it by mail, dont forget to set your ip and forward a port on your router. And set it executable so I wont have any trouble.

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