Encrypted ReiserFS filesystem check How-To

I’ve a notebook with an encrypted flash memory (SD card) used as my home folder.

I use lucks crypto with dm-crypt under Ubuntu.

This works quite nicely, I mean just click on the card reader and a window ask you for your password.

But as I never unmout it, even if reiserfs is meant to be uncorructible, I got a wird error on my  Pigdim folder.

error reiserfs

This redfile comes from either the flash corruption or the reiserfs file system.

So to correct this problem i did:

Check in gparted ( System, Admini, Partition editor)


Note the name of the partition and the mountpoint.

sudo umout /media/Sdcrypt

sudo reiserfsck –check /dev/mapper/luks_crypto_cc8b0c71-6096-4f5e-a4e5-4d18dcc27132

sudo reiserfsck –check –rebuild-tree /dev/mapper/luks_crypto_cc8b0c71-6096-4f5e-a4e5-4d18dcc27132

sudo reiserfsck –check /dev/mapper/luks_crypto_cc8b0c71-6096-4f5e-a4e5-4d18dcc27132

Then my trouble was gone. It rebuilt the file tree and remove the corrupted file. Dont forget to save all your file first.

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