Go Pro Hero HD arm, leg, wrist, knee mount (DIY, Howto)

Here is a slight modification made to the original strap: how to use the quick release instead of the bolt+nut used with the head-strap.
This is the original head-strap:

First, remove the protruding part from the head-mount to get a flat surface.

Then cut around the Quick Release from the black plastic plate. (you can also use the flat sticky mount too, but I prefered to save it).


Glue them altogether using preferably epoxy (two compound).

And voila:
Then, finally, you can remove the extra strap by pushing it through the chink.

Usable anywhere:
To get amazing shot like this, and be able to swap it from leg to helmet in mater of second instead of losing the nuts in the sand…. (dunno what mechanics engineers were thinking about when designing this part)


2 thoughts on “Go Pro Hero HD arm, leg, wrist, knee mount (DIY, Howto)

  1. Why chop up the head strap?
    All you are doing is weakining the integrity of the unit.
    Just use the pivot arms and pull the head stap small easyer safer and less complicated.

  2. I cut the pivot to use the quick release system: using the bolt and screw is everything but effective when playing in sand, snow, etc…
    With the quick release system, it takes a second.

    You can also use a quick release pad and stick it to the other plate: no need to cut the pivot.

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