CNC 3020T review and customisation

The CNC 3020T from eBay or Alibaba is quite good for the money (700$/600€ inclVAT).

I use it with LinuxCNC on a dedicated computer with parallel port (hard to find nowaday).

For me the hardest part was designing and typing the G code manually to get this:

But it laked some feature such as spindle control from computer, so I made this mod.

From the Spindle_drive_mod.pdf you can see by adding an optocoupler, you can control the spindle ON and OFF:

On the stepper the board YOOCNC T62-3AX, extra optocoupler are present on the input side, so, just take the first one on the left (the right one is used for the Emergency Stop):

and place it on the free place, without soldering the pin 3 and 4

The pin 3 and 4 should be lifted and insulated from PCB with tape (Kapton) and attached to pin header:

On the spindle motor board, add pin in the free slots:

And just run 2 wire from the Stepper board to the spindle board (respect polarity):

Then just configure Step

More to come: RPM speedometer and X-Y home switch.

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