Simple CNC desktop router workflow and example

If you have access to a simple desktop mill/router, and you are not into mechanical part design, here is a very simple workflow:



You will only need free/open source program:


In order to illustrate this example, we are going to make a case for a nice Nixie Clock from PV Electronics

A simple Ikea-hack will do for the wooden box: DRAGAN 2-piece bathroom dish set, bamboo

The front panel is milled

And fitted in place

The 2 stainless steel feet are from Ikea again

Thanks Dan Heeks for the very good software.

Happy milling!

Files are available here.

3 thoughts on “Simple CNC desktop router workflow and example

  1. Hello,
    Could you please send me the DXF you made for this project?
    It would save me a lot of time and I would really appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    Jacques Gastebois.

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