Bluetooth Wireless PC card 3COM 3CRWB6096

After the ugly-cheap-o-dongle-microtune I bought on Ebay for 20€ inc P&P a PCMCIA 3Com bluetooth card:

The main advantage is the retractable antenna and the PCMCIA small size doesn’t protrude from the laptop ( very interesting, compared to the usb stick)
I assume you already install all the previous software needed in the previous topic.

You should install all this packages:

sudo apt-get install gnome-bluetooth obexserver bluez-utils bluez-passkey-gnome

And add bt-applet in start up session, to allow pairing.
Start the blutooth service.

sudo sh /etc/init.d/bluetooth start

Insert the PC card, and type:

tail /var/log/syslog

You will probably get that:

pccard: PCMCIA card inserted into slot 0
pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia0.0
bt3c_open: Firmware request failed

You need to download the 3Com firmware as detailed to the bluez website:

3com pcmcia driver

The driver for the 3Com and HP Bluetooth PCMCIA card is called bt3c_cs and to make this device working a firmware download is needed. Due the licence issue the firmware is not distributed with any of the BlueZ packages. The firmware file can be found at the Windows driver distribution or on the driver CD-ROM. The following command will extract the BT3CPCC.bin file into the right place on the local file system:

sudo sh
unzip -p btp1_1en.exe \
Drivers.W2k/BT3CPCC.bin > /lib/firmware/BT3CPCC.bin

The 3Com Bluetooth card 3.0 (3CRWB6096B) will not work with this driver. This card is a simple serial port based Bluetooth PCMCIA card and must be used together with the hci_uart driver.

And it works straight , that means, you can scann the service available.

hcitool scan
Scanning …
00:16:BC:D7:FC:18 Timothee-Nokia

sudo l2ping 00:16:BC:D7:FC:18
Ping: 00:16:BC:D7:FC:18 from 00:04:76:E1:4C:5D (data size 44) …
0 bytes from 00:16:BC:D7:FC:18 id 0 time 30.42ms
0 bytes from 00:16:BC:D7:FC:18 id 1 time 32.10ms
0 bytes from 00:16:BC:D7:FC:18 id 2 time 30.33ms
3 sent, 3 received, 0% loss

sudo sdptool browse 00:16:BC:D7:FC:18
Browsing 00:16:BC:D7:FC:18 …

Then you can install Phone Manager to send SMS from your PC.

Or also Wammu is a very good phone manager, compatible with nokia to manage sms, contact , sms, todos and also calendar.

Select in device settings, the mac address and bluephonet as connection.
Here appear a problem, the need of pairing the device, when you try either from the phone or from the computer, it fails after asked you for the PIN.

To solve it, edit the file to enable and set a new pin:

sudo gedit /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf

And in the file, be sure to have:

# Automatically initialize new devices
autoinit yes;
# Pairing mode
pairing multi;

# Default PIN code for incoming connections
passkey “1234”; # or the pin you wish


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