ENE CB-712/4 card reader issue : Hibernate mode interrupted

Still running with a Toshiba Satellite M60-103 embbeding a ENE CB-712/4 card reader who doesn’t work with Ubuntu

To check the model of your reader:

lspci -v | grep ENE
06:04.0 CardBus bridge: ENE Technology Inc CB-712/4 Cardbus Controller (rev 10)
06:04.1 FLASH memory: ENE Technology Inc ENE PCI Memory Stick Card Reader Controller (rev 01)
06:04.2 Class 0805: ENE Technology Inc ENE PCI Secure Digital Card Reader Controller (rev 01) (prog-if 01)
06:04.3 FLASH memory: ENE Technology Inc FLASH memory: ENE Technology Inc: (rev 01)
06:04.4 FLASH memory: ENE Technology Inc Unknown device 0551 (rev 01)

And If you get this error while hibernating:

[17233006.828000] mmc0: Got command interrupt even though no command operation was in progress.
[17233006.828000] mmc0: Please report this to .
[17233006.828000] mmc0: Card is consuming too much power!
[17233006.828000] mmc0: Unexpected interrupt 0x00800000. Please report this to .

So needed to disable theĀ  mmc_core: sdhci module

sudo rmmod sdhci
sudo sh -c ‘echo blacklist sdhci >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist’

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