Kobo Glo/HD enable without registering or account

Mount the device by USB, open device in filebrowser, right click “open in terminal”

Then copy paste in the terminal:

echo "insert into user values('foo', 'foo', 'foo', 'foo', 'foo','foo','foo','foo','foo','foo','foo','foo','foo');" | sqlite3 .kobo/KoboReader.sqlite

Eject the device, and voilà!

What the heck, I want an ebook, not registering!

2 thoughts on “Kobo Glo/HD enable without registering or account

  1. You rock!

    FYI- for the Clara HD change the ‘foo’ multiple to 27 from 13.

    Also, for those who didn’t understand the mount by USB instructions, mount the device as a FAT32 drive (after connecting it to your system), change directory to the .kobo directory and run the command line specified above (with the change that you are running from the local directory and not from the root directory, i.e. use this -> ./KoboReader.sqlite and NOT .kobo/KoboReader.sqlite

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