Ubuntu: Sync simplified (Nokia<=>Evolution :Calendar-Contact-Notes)

I freshly installed the new Ubuntu 7.10, which include (was hardly awaiting for it) bluetooth and so on.

The idea is to synchronise your handheld device (Nokia 6021 in my case) with your computer, in order to, keep synchronise your Google calendar, even if your are not online. There is a nice project, but, just a project:


Here is a full graphical guide, without command line.


  • Bluetooth
  • InfraRed IR
  • USB

Depending on your hardware, you will have to ehance a bit this tuto, since I will only use the bluetooth.

As previouly explained, I had to copy the firmware for my pcmcia card: and the nice BT icon appears:



Opensycn is a framework to synchronise differents devices, still alpha but works great in my case.

Now, you will have to find the matching plugin for your device:


And install the proper package, there is no Gusty 7.10 version for opensync but the packages for the previous one 7.04 feisty works fine.

You can download packages(.deb) on this page:

http://opensync.gforge.punktart.de/repo/opensync-0.21/feisty (hope I will remember to change this part as soon there is a repo for the 7.10)

Download and install the following packages:

The framework:


The plugins:




And the synchronisation tools:

libopensync-plugin-gnokii (in my case: see on the DeviceConpatibilityList above)



Then you can add a launcher on your pannel:


Start it and add a group, named whaterver you want:

Then add to this group a member, depending on your configuration, either the bluetooth address or the /dev

To get your bluetooth Mac, type hcitool scan in a terminal.

Add another member, the module you want to sync: either Evolution or Google Calendar

Click on synchronise, pass the Bluetooth key, and enjoy.

Because I was using Thunderbird previously, I had to export my mail to Evolution.

You can add google calendar in Evoltion, that’s nice easy and efficient.