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USB motion sensor (PIR) to activate monitor

I have an always on net-book for weather forecast (yeah, when paragliding, you need it)
It basically displays a full screen custom web-page with time and date.

Its always on, not really good for the back-light and energy consumption.

So I got the idea of plugging a PIR sensor to wake up the screen when someone approach it.

Take an Arduino Micro Pro (8€ for the Chinese version), a PIR sensor from eBay (2€), a Hammond case (1€) and an USB A male from scrap (0€).

Let’s give a try, with a basic wiring, and this sketch to emulate keyboard thanks to it’s USB HID, the Arduino Micro Pro is a must.

int sensorPin = 10;
void setup()
  pinMode(sensorPin, INPUT);

void sendWakeUp(void);

void loop()
  if (digitalRead(sensorPin) == 1) 
    while (digitalRead(sensorPin) == 1)

void sendWakeUp(void)
And voila!
Quite nice, discrete and works very well, for about 10€/$.
Note: if someone has an idea to send a key other than LEFT_CTRL (as it can be disruptive on a workstation), I’m looking for a solution.

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  • Pourquoi je suis en grève… | Sylvain, cheminot – Lehollandaisvolant
    "Et d’ailleurs, est-ce qu’on entend les chauffeurs de bus/car râler comme ça ? Non. Pourtant ils doivent pas avoir des horaires bien différents : certains roulent aussi tous les jours, du matin très tôt au soir très tard et font également des grosses distances (comme les routiers)."
    -> qu’est-ce que c’est que cet argument foireux ? "y a des chinois qui bossent dans des conditions pourraves, pourquoi devrait-on se plaindre ici hein ?" pfffft…