Smartphone headset standards: 2013 and still not one standard!

Believe it or not but are still two headset standards (headphone + microphone) for cellphone: TRRS_Standards

  • OMTP: old Nokia (and also Lumia starting from the 2nd gen[15]), old Samsung, old Sony Ericsson (2010 and 2011 Xperia’s), old Wiko (2012-)
  • CTI: Apple, HTC, latest Nokia, latest Samsung, latest Sony (2012+), latest Wiko (2013+), most Android phones

Root, recovery et flash: Wiko Stairway

Obtenir les droits root depuis une simple application: Framaroot.

Recovery boot depuis Linux: CWM.

Installer une Rom depuis Windows, c’est ici.

Bon à savoir, le Wiko Stairway, n’est autre que le Micromax A210 Canvas 4 / Blu Life One rebrandé….

Skytraxx 2.0 interferences VHF radio

I’m facing this problem: I have a Skytraxx 2.0 (GPS variometer for paraglider) and a Puxing PX-888 VHF ham radio.
When the variometer emits sounds, it triggers the radio whatever the squelch setting is set on.
A quick video of the problem:

While I’m doubtful about the CE certification of this very cheap Chinese radio (a CE sticker is present in the battery tray but doesn’t mean much…).

So, as I’m not planning to change neither the radio or the variometer, I came along with this fix: put aluminum foil inside the variometer case.

Very easy to do, juste make sure the aluminium touches the usb connector when you close it and everything else is well insulated (pin with kapton tape, etc..).

Now the same test with the aluminium shield:

Much better: can use for competitions now, with the mini solar vario leBipBip.

It even seems to improve the time to fix, usualy took 5min and now about 1-2min.


Mon timbre en ligne

Voici  une planche de timbre spécimen, qui n’est accéssible qu’en créant un compte.

Ca aurait été mieux de pouvoir l’avoir directement dans la FAQ pour vérifier avant meme de s’inscrire.



Thunderbird: remove unused english dictionary

Having 5 unused English dictionary is annoying (I only need one, not en_NZ, en_US, en_AU and en_ZA)

First remove dictionary:

sudo /usr/lib/thunderbird/dictionaries.back/
sudo mv /usr/lib/thunderbird/dictionaries/* /usr/lib/thunderbird/dictionaries.back/

and prevent them from being reinstall the next update:

sudo dpkg-divert --add /usr/lib/thunderbird/dictionaries

then place only the wanted dictionary:

sudo mv  /usr/lib/thunderbird/dictionaries.back/en_GB.aff /usr/lib/thunderbird/dictionaries/en.aff
sudo mv  /usr/lib/thunderbird/dictionaries.back/en_GB.dic /usr/lib/thunderbird/dictionaries/en.dic

And restart Thunderbird.

Contact synchronisation: Android/Zimbra/Thunderbird

I do use the following combination :

  • Thunderbird (Linux or Windows)
  • Android (without any Gmail/google account)
  • Zimbra mail server

And to get my address book synchronised, I installed the following softwares:

Thunderbird: Zindus

Android: CardDAV-Sync and Contact Editor Pro (make sure to install the last one to be able to edit contacts)

And use Zimbra and in Address Book tab, right click on Contacts and select Share address book:

And copy the URL bellow:

Then use this URL to set your configuration in Zindus:

and add a CardDAV account with the URL and you mail/password

and voilà, you have the 3 places synchronised on the go!

Ubuntu: talking clock every hours

Since I work at home, time is running so fast I can really keep track of it.

So I found a convenient way to get spoken hours every hours of working time, during working week.

First, the software:

sudo apt-get install gnome-schedule festival alsa-oss

Then test from console:

echo "current time is `date +\%-1H` oclock" | aoss festival --tts

You can customize the spoken text, change %-1H with %-1L if you want 24 or 12AM/PM format.

The %-1 is to remove the leading zero (nine oclock in the morning would be 09 otherwise)

Lastly, it’s time for a cron job from Gnome-Schedule:

Command line is:

echo "current time is `date +\%-1H` oclock" | aoss festival --tts >/dev/null 2>&1

(dont forget to backslah the % character with \)

With this settings, it speaks from 8 to 22, only from Mon to We

Install Java Runtime on Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 with Firefox plugin

Dont ask me why, there is no JRE shipped with Ubuntu (CD size story)

Just type:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre icedtea6-plugin

And you will get the Open JRE and the plugin for Firefox