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Le connard de SEO du jour

Monday 24 October 2022 at 09:10

>>> Mail reçu :

« Sujet : Your website is overdue for an upgrade

Is your website generating business, or just taking up space? If your site isn't drawing high-value traffic, it's not pulling its weight as a marketing tool. Loaded Media can fix that.

We are a top-rated Digital Presence, Web Development, and SEO Agency on The Lot Studios in Los Angeles, and we'd love to build you a new fast, beautiful, SEO-optimized website that will increase your online footprint, amplify your brand, and get you a slice of the search traffic currently being eaten up by your competitors.

If you're currently using a DIY platform like Squarespace or Wix, you may be surprised to learn that site loading speed and UX issues are probably undermining your traffic numbers. Our website has a free audit tool you can use to measure your site speed. You can also contact us to set up a free Zoom consultation where we'll walk you through our process and outline what we can do to level up your business. We look forward to working with you! 

Warmest Regards »

>>> Ma réponse :

« Hello.

No, my website is not "generating business" because it's not a "marketing tool", but in the last 23 years (yes my website has been online longer than Facebook and Twitter) it has not "just taken up space" (BTW, this is insulting) : It has helped and informed thousands of people, and continues to do so today. For free. Because the internet is not only for business and profit, mind you.

You claim to create super-optimized websites, but your landing page loads more than 15 Mega-bytes of data (with my adblocker enabled !). This is roughly 48 times heavier than the most accessed webpage of my site, and 220 times heavier than my landing page.

Also : I think SEO have a great responsability in the rotting of the current internet and search engine results. So NO, I won't be doing business with you. »


"Au début, je ne comprenais rien": les premiers pas compliqués des enseignants contractuels" - Warrior du Dimanche

Sunday 23 October 2022 at 17:02



The Commodordion Turns Two C64s Into A Single Instrument | Hackaday

Sunday 23 October 2022 at 16:34

Je pense que l'image de cet article a un potentiel de mème fort important, mais je ne sais pas encore pour quel usage.


Daniel Glazman sur Twitter : "Bon, j'en ai marre, ce bot qui te prend la tête avec des cryptos dès qu'il détecte "coin" (coin-coin ou le petit coin) m'a gavé, certaines choses doivent être dites. (thread)" / Twitter

Sunday 23 October 2022 at 09:05

Woao notre Daniel Galzman national est bien bien remonté contre les NFT et la blockchain. 😄


Report: Elon Musk Plans To Make Twitter Profitable By Firing 75% Of The Staff | Techdirt

Sunday 23 October 2022 at 08:53

Finalement Elon Musk veut acheter Twitter. Et virer 75% des employés (5500 personnes). Ouais comme ça, probablement parce que comme Bezos il pense que tous les employés sont des feignants.
Il veut rendre Twitter "profitable". Ce qui me laisse penser que Twitter continue à perdre de l'argent.
Avec Microsoft et Facebook qui licensient aussi, Google avec des procès et amendes au cul, non les GAFAM ne sont pas vraiment à la fête.


Pourquoi la voiture électrique n'est pas la solution miracle pour se déplacer sans polluer

Saturday 22 October 2022 at 23:14



DevOps is Bullshit | Massdriver Blog

Thursday 20 October 2022 at 21:54



Datatilsynet (Denmark) - 2020-431-0061 (Helsingor decision no. 3) - GDPRhub

Thursday 20 October 2022 at 16:50

Le Danemark interdit les Chromebook de Google pour violation du RGPD.
(via Aeris)


Someone released the FOSS RTS 0 A.D. on Steam without speaking to the developers | GamingOnLinux

Thursday 20 October 2022 at 16:47

Donc un connard a mis le jeu Libre "0 A.D." sur Steam sans prévenir les développeurs et le vend 8€ alors que le jeu est gratuit.


Moi aussi, je suis un imposteur

Thursday 20 October 2022 at 15:24

Je note ce témoignage pour le principe de Peter. C'est une blague, mais pas que.


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